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Bill Sosinsky, CEO

Bill has been a proponent of sustainable growth and renewable energy since the early 1970s. After academic work at the SUNY Binghamton School of business for undergraduate studies, and NYU graduate school, he started Environomic Solutions, an early version of Energime, in 1977. He ran that company until its dissolution in 1981 when it closed due to an immature market. During the 1980s he traveled the world working on documentary films, many of which dealt with the issues of unsustainable development and the improper use of natural resources. Later in that decade, Bill settled back in New York City where he started a construction and renovation company. 1996 saw a move to the Pacific Northwest for Bill and his family. There he developed and built single and multi-family residential communities, invested in real estate and worked as a teacher and mentor, educating new real estate agents and investors. Bill’s credits also include teaching at the Henry George School of Economics, working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Bicentennial Corporation, NYPIRG, and composing and producing sound tracks for television and film. Returning to his green roots in 2005, Bill began creating the structure and building the core relationships that would become Energime Renewable Energy Systems.

Reinhold Ziegler, Technology Director

Born in Germany and raised in Northern California, Reinhold is educated as a mechanical and electrical engineer and industrial designer. He is a pioneer in the development of appropriate technology and renewable energy systems: co-author of Village One; co-founder and member of R&D team of Aero-Power Systems, Inc.; builder of the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Energy Pavilions; video producer of “The Windcatchers” and “The Power Struggle”; a founder of Earth Lab Institute; a staff member of the Farallones Institute’s Integral Urban House; the second major wind farm developer at Altamont Pass; a holder of several energy field patents; designer of aeroponic and aquaponic growing systems; system co-developer of carbon sequestration through biochar and agro-forestry and a former US Peace Corp. trainer.

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