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Enegime Power

Energime Power is a sister company of Energime Renewable Energy Systems. Our mission is to develop, license, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality cutting edge green products and technologies that will reduce the world's dependence on carbon based energy and provide the infrastructure for a sustainable future. Our efforts will supply homeowners, commercial, industrial, and public entities with land based and transportation solutions which will enable them to save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

Energime Power has agreements with many companies and technology developers allowing us varying degrees of exclusivity to license, manufacture and distribute that which they have developed or patented. These exciting new technologies include thin cell photovoltaics, nanotechnology, photonics, vertical wind turbines, plasma engine technology, hydrogen fuel technology, algae /energy conversion technology, and aerogell insulation technology to name but a few.

Energime Power will also be funding ReNew, Professor Reinhold Ziegler’s not for profit renewable energy and sustainable technologies R&D incubator. Energime Power will be the master licensee for all technologies developed from this relationship. Cementing our relationship with ReNew and Professor Ziegler gives the Company a world-class R&D center. This relationship along with developing co-ventures with major universities world-wide will allow for a robust and constant flow of break-through technologies and products in the years to come. As we move forward, we are poised to become the dominant player in the renewable energy tech sector.

In-house financing is the final piece of our strategy. Energime Power has created EnviroLease, a company that leases renewable energy products to property and vehicle owners. Property owners make a monthly lease payment and receive long-term stable electric rates. Car, truck, and boat owners can either lease the equipment or lease a vehicle with the equipment installed. Management’s vision is to create a Renewable Energy Investment Trust (REIT). This fund will finance and receive revenues from lease payments, buy-downs of equipment coming off lease, payments from property owners for their electric use and from utilities for selling excess power to the grid. In addition, the fund will receive all federal, state and local rebates, tax credits and deductions, depreciation and incentives. The Company is seeking $100-million initial capitalization for the fund. Finally, Energime Power expects to register a REIT. This will enable the public to invest and will give the company the foundation to raise the billions of dollars required to become the dominant player in renewable energy.

If you would like more specific or additional information, or you would like to find out how you can either invest or participate in some of these ventures, please contact our Director of Energy Capital.

Investor Relations and Sales Inquiries:

David Gershuny
Director of Energy Capital

Phone: (425) 221-9713

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