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Site Evaluation Form

This Energy Audit/Site Evaluation form will give us a starting point in identifying your energy saving and available on-site energy producing opportunities. Please fill out the form below and then click Submit when you’re finished. We look forward to working with you! (an * denotes a required field)

* Name:
* Email:
Phone Number:
* Address:
* What type of building is it? Commercial Residential
* How many square feet is the structure?
* How many stories?
* What direction does the structure face?
* What type of roofing does the structure have?
* How many square feet is the roof?
* What is the pitch of the roof?
* Is there any shading on the roof from electric lines, trees, etc.?
* What type of heating/cooling system does the structure use?
* What kind of water heater does the structure use?
* How much are the structure’s monthly power bills on average?
Is there any other information you think we should know about your structure?

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