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Business Partnerships


Energime was conceived to bring maximum efficiency to the growth of sustainable technologies worldwide. As part of this goal, the company is building a strategic network of relationships. We partner, contract and collaborate with individuals, technology developers, manufacturers, distributors, tradespeople, chambers of commerce, designers, architects, organizations, and schools, as well as political and social leaders. If you have a skill, technology, product, business or social connection, or you just have the desire and passion to be part of this historic collaborative effort, please contact us. Energime pledges transparency and respect in all of our relationships. We are quickly expanding and looking to create the synergistic connections that will allow this sustainable revolution to grow. We can all have a stake in Energime’s success. Join us.

Technology Developers

Energime has an impressive pipeline of technologies that continues to grow. These fields include renewable energy, sustainable food growth, waste stream management, water conservation, carbon sequestration and transportation technologies to name a few. We view technology developers as partners, and our profit sharing is unmatched in its generosity. Unlike many companies over the last 35 years, we will never contract for your technology without a commitment to develop and market it worldwide. We respect the need for confidentiality and will protect your rights.

For Manufacturers

Energime represents over 50 companies globally, offering hundreds of technologies, with more companies coming on board each month. These technologies, along with our technical expertise and diversified market reach, allow us to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions for our clients regardless of the complexity of their needs. Energime has the ability to get your products and technologies into more corners of the world than any other company. We can increase your market reach and greatly enhance your profits. Unlike some corporate models, we will never take advantage of or bully our suppliers in an effort to increase our revenue. We help your business grow.

For Distributors

As Energime expands rapidly, we must skillfully manage our supply chain. We will build out our own infrastructure as necessary, but prefer using existing distributors as the links to help us develop new markets. The advantages for our distributors are access to our exclusive connections and relationships, as well as directional mentorship in providing the right products and technologies that will be dominant during this build out. Energime gives our distributors a huge advantage over their competition.

For Tradespeople

It is always the intention of Energime to work with existing businesses and tradespeople in our new markets. Our goal is to expand their opportunities and profits by diversifying their products and services as we serve our clients. Unlike certain companies that come into an area and dominate the employment landscape by cutting wages and destroying mom and pop enterprises, we foster a collaborative approach to improve the lives of the people we work with. Energime knows we are in this together. A company based on family values, we will try to create strong bonds in the communities we enter by fostering business practices that improve those relationships.

For Architects, Organizations, Companies and Social Networks

Energime will educate, advise, and coordinate sustainability efforts for you, your clients, members, staffs and constituency. Energime embraces our role as educators and leaders in this process and looks to empower others with that knowledge at every opportunity. Please let us help.

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