Distributed Power by Uploading and Downloading It

Reinhold Zeigler

“It is becoming clear that the future of our electric power will come less from large coal, gas and nuclear power plants, but more from millions of building-integrated micro generators and urban turbines, photoelectric solar panels mounted on the roof roof-tops of the city with wind and solar farms in the countryside.

Existing national power grids won't disappear. They will operate more like the Internet, as part of a complex web through which people will supply electricity, by uploading, as well as downloading it”

~ Reinhold Ziegler

Building-Integrated Wind and Solar Energy Systems

Future San Francisco Public Utility Commission Building

Above: Future San Francisco Public Utility Commission Building
Building Integrated Wind Energy Systems Design: Reinhold Ziegler,
Synergy California L.P. (415) 290 4990

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Presented by:
  Reinhold Ziegler, Managing Director, Synergy
International Inc.
In Affiliation With:
  Mariah Power Inc.
  Helix-Wind Inc.
  Aerotecture International Inc.
  Design Earth Synergy
  Perkins + Will, Architects
  KMD | Stevens, Architects
Presentation Topics:
  Distributed Power Generation
  Site Surveys of the Natural Energy Resource
  Case Studies: Honolulu, Chicago, San Francisco,
  The building as energy collector
  Wind and Solar technologies coupled to
  3rd Party Financing Opportunities
  The Future
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