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our promise to you

Energime will eliminate the wasteful systems and practices that rob your business of your energy dollars.

Energime will provide the most cost effective, high efficiency renewable energy system, custom designed for your site and usage.

Energime will help you lock in, and eventually eliminate your non-maintenance energy costs.

Energime will maintain your renewable energy system and keep it producing at peak efficiency.

Energime will file all Government forms for your company, taking full advantage of all available tax credits and energy incentives.

Energime will make every effort to spread the good word throughout the community that your company is being socially responsible and a good neighbor.

Energime will keep you informed of any upgrades, improvements, or technological advantages that can benefit your business, and help you save and conserve your energy dollars.

Energime will under no circumstances, suggest a technology or service that we believe is not in the long term best interest of our clients. Never.

Energime will provide your company with the highest and most caring level of service. We will do everything in our power to make your experience as professional and problem-free as is possible.

Finally, we here at Energime will always be grateful for your patronage!

-The Energime Family

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